Two weeks since the last entry. Two very busy weeks. A few recollections may be in order, in no particular sequence.

1. Today, I completed my annual eye exam. No change to my vision status, but I had an interesting few hours after getting some eyedrops to dilate my pupils so the doctor could check all of my retina. The impact of the drops was such that, with my contact lenses in, I could see just fine at a distance, but things up close were blurry. Since my close-distance vision is better than 20/20 uncorrected (I only need lenses for distance vision), it was quite an experience to be reversed like that.

2. I recently took up running. In January, I ran four miles my first time out (and paid the price for it, with inflammation). I started again two weeks ago, starting more sanely at one mile, then two, then three, then four. Yesterday I ran six miles, the first time at that distance, in about 54 minutes — which isn’t great time, but given that two years ago I couldn’t climb three flights of stairs without becoming winded, this is quite a victory. Although I’m going to be extra-protective of my knees, I’m finding the running to be enjoyable and physically rewarding.

3. My cousin Callista is coming home soon, after spending a year in France teaching English. I look forward to her swift and safe return.

4. Holy Week and Easter are over … and what a relief! I spent about 10 hours at church on Holy Saturday in preparation for the Easter Vigil, not to mention the time spent preparing for Holy Thursday, the Good Friday liturgy, and the extra stuff surrounding Palm Sunday. Holy Week 2006 went well at my parish this year, and I look forward to debriefing with my colleagues on our parish liturgy commission.

5. Work has been interesting. Duane and I are conducting some “getting to know you” meetings with the key management and administrative staff in our division. So far, so good.

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