Lost, Season One

My dear friend Tony lent me the six-DVD set of the entire first season of ABC’s hit drama, “Lost.” I had heard good things about the show, although I had never seen an episode.

So, I watched the entire set of 24 episodes over two days (yes, at 42 minutes each, that totals roughly 17 hours of television). Jason’s expert opinion: It was well worth the recliner time, and I can’t wait to purchase season two when it’s released.

Some of the hype was just that — hype. There were quite a few enjoyable aspects to the writing, although there were also a few continuity errors that proved mildly distracting (such as the inexplicable lack of evidence of any scarring from the emergency sutures Kate sewed into Jack’s back in the very first episode). But all things being equal, this is probably some of the best prime-time drama to hit the small screen in a while. Let us hope the writers resist the temptation to take an interesting series and turn it into cheese.

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