The Cadillac Club

On Friday, I had the great pleasure of spending the evening with Tony and Emilie and Jon, to celebrate Emilie and Jon’s engagement, and Tony’s safe transition from the bowels of Fundamentalism into a law practice.

We went to the Cadillac Club in Lansing, which is a converted bowling alley with a lounge singer and a dance floor. Wasn’t too bad, actually, even though the one-man show looked too much like an anorexic James Woods for my taste. And I think the ever-so-trashy waitress who stole our table from an obviously irritated co-worker wanted me to lick the whipped cream from her chest … but that’s a loooong story best not shared on a family-friendly blog.

Anyway, it’s a happy time in the lives of my friends, which in turn makes me happy. And proud of Tony and Emilie for all of their successes (and Jon for his good taste in women!).

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