A friend directed me to a site that, after you answer 8,234,247,896,240 questions, gives you a few sentences that allegedly describe your personality to a T.  My response was as follows:

You are a skywalker. You love adventure, both intellectual and physical. And you greet new challenges with passion and bravery.

When you get interested in a project, you can become extremely focused on it, sometimes to the exclusion of all around you. You complete it carefully and thoroughly, often with great originality.

And because you have a lot of energy and tend to be enthusiastic about your ideas, inventions, and projects, you can be very persuasive.

You tend to like to collect things, experiences or ideas. And you are eager to make an impact on those around you, as well as the wider world.

Although you enjoy people and can be charming and humorous, you are not very interested in routine social engagements or boring people. You are comfortable being by yourself, pursuing your own interests.

People probably call you a non-conformist, an original. You like to have good conversations on important topics. People tend to admire you for your innovativeness. You make an exciting, though at times distant, companion.

Actually, this does seem to be dead-on.  But these online personality tests remind me of the mediums who allegedly tell people what the dead are whispering; if we want to believe it, the actual words are vague enough that we can encode whatever meaning we wish into the language we encounter.

Still, though.  Fun stuff.

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