Sweet, sweet errands …

I’ve been a bit busy the last two days running some random errands.  A few of them have prompted some thought.

1.  The only thing better than Altoids are Altoids covered in dark chocolate.  Mmmm.

2.  As I sit in the coffee shop organizing my notes, I’ve been observing a quartet of 16-year-olds, giddy from caffeine, talking about their love lives and calling people they “like” for heart-to-hearts about whether “the feeling is mutual.”  It’s been funny to watch, in a warm-fuzzy kind of way. 

3.  Went to the eye doctor yesterday for my annual exam and to order a new supply of contact lenses.  I really like this guy — he has a very easy demeanor (we spent half our time telling jokes) and is good on the “little things” like washing his hands before touching my eyes.  Anyway, my vision insurance plan is now requiring a new set of tests, including digital imaging of the back of both eyes, so the good doctor performed the tests and reviewed his findings with me.  One thing that was reassuring was that my eyes have excellent vascular health — he said that the early negative effects of hypertension and high cholesterol can often be seen in these types of tests.  His review makes me a bit more confident that the dietary excesses of most of my 20s might not haunt me as severely as I age, as I had expected.

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