I had to write a short list of personal life goals, as part of the “Lessons in Mindfulness” portion of martial-arts training.  The Zen side, I guess.  Here’s what I submitted:

1.       Resume formal lessons in organ and vocal performance

2.       Earn a black belt in early 2010, and continue study through the dan ranks

3.       Develop, and then work through, my own comprehensive list of the “great books”

4.       Obtain certification as a registered parliamentarian

5.       Earn a USPA A license (skydiving)

6.       Publish at least one article in a professional journal before the end of the year

7.       Complete M.A. in philosophy

8.       Visit Rome

9.       Learn German

10.   Get Six Sigma certification through the American Society for Quality

11.   Finally (!) launch Briefly Noted (a private business venture)

12.   Submit formal proposal for Ethics Department to hospital leadership

13.   Body shaping – increase muscle mass, especially upper-body, and maintain cardio capability

14.   Buy a live-aboard sailboat

15.   Visit each continent at least once before I’m 40

16.   Learn to scuba dive

17.   Finish old manuscript … at last

18.   Call or visit old friends at least six times per year

19.   Complete a survivalist course

20.   Make final decision on abdominoplasty by December

Interesting, what we value.

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