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I drafted a personals post, for fun, for Craigslist, but it keeps being rejected.  So, I’ll post it here for my five loyal readers to see, since I did enjoy putting it together.


NAME:  ___________________________  SCORE:  _________
Please indicate which answer best matches your attitude/response to the question.  At the end of this quiz, tally your results and submit your scores to the proctor; individual response point values are noted in parentheses after each answer option.

If you score +100 or more points, congratulations!  You might land the a date with the man of your dreams, a handsome and well-adjusted 31-year-old single white male.  (See below for important considerations and exclusions.)

01  What is your age range?

02  Where do you reside?

03  What is the highest level of education you’ve attained?

04  Which statement best describes your political perspective?

05  Which statement best captures your attitude toward risk-taking?

06  What is your body-mass index?

07  What is your religious tradition?

08  How often do you read?

09  What are your thoughts about children?

10  Are you batshit crazy? (NOTE: I’m not asking if you like guano.)

11  Which list of activities best captures your preference for a night on the town?

12  Do you like to travel?

13  Which adjective best describes your sense of humor?

14  Which statement best captures your social demeanor?

15  What type of rationality do you typically demonstrate?

16  Where do you want to end up, in terms of domicile?

17  Which statement best describes your physical health?

18  What is your expectation of how a relationship should function?

19  What is your opinion of premarital sex? [No points on this question.]

20  If I said, “Pack your bags, we’re leaving tomorrow for Las Vegas,” you’d reply:

21  How do you wish to be pursued?

22  What best describes your taste in music?

23  Which aphorism best captures your attitude toward life?

24  I think traditional gender roles …

25  With regard to public displays of affection:

If you score well, you may be eligible for:  ONE prime 31-year-old single white male, no dependents.  About 5’10”, 160#, with a solid career and a college degree.  Tends to be a bit more rational, calm, good-natured, laid back.  Leans intellectual in attitude and in preferred activities.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  OK, this is a bit much, I know.  But it’s a darn sight better than those other ads that basically say, “Hi, I’m so-and-so, and I like to have fun!”  I hope you appreciate the light-hearted nature of this ad, and read between the lines of the questions to get a good idea of who I am and what I’m looking for.  If you wish, I can forward a link to my blog, to help you learn a bit more.  Just let me know. 🙂

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