Whoa … mid-November already?

Wow … already the second half of November!

  1. Enjoyed a lovely extended dinner yesterday with the ever-so-gracious director of Pastoral Services for the diocese.  Looks like I’ll be picking up more “work” at the cathedral — some sacristy responsibility for episcopal liturgies, and worship coordination for the spring series of Confirmations.  I enjoy this service, and am glad to be of assistance to the diocese.
  2. On the subject … I served at a recent vespers service led by the bishop.  The service was in gratitude to diocesan musicians, and I was delighted that the bishop was frank in his pastoral remarks about the challenges and the opportuntities in Catholic liturgy and music that have taken root in the United States.
  3. I’ve decided to postpone the November scuba training until February, and to take it at Key Largo instead of in Michigan.  There’s a great little school down there that does reef diving and individualized instruction at a great price, and airline tickets are still cheap for that far out.
  4. Looks like I’ll be going to Ireland in early August.  The adult choir at my church goes each year, and this year, to get a better rate, the choir director asked me if I’d go (she said she’s looking for people who would be “fun to travel with”).  It’s only $2,500 for airfare, lodging, most meals, and full admissions over nine days.  How can I pass that up?
  5. Ran into an ex-girlfriend a few days ago.  Made me think a bit … I guess I must be the only male in the world who never has catastrophic breakups that result in longstanding acrimony.  Except for the crazy woman earlier this year, my experiences have all been mostly positive.
  6. I had been contemplating adding kendo (Japanese swordsmanship) to my martial-arts repertoire.  Changed my mind; I’m now taking escrima instead, under the watchful eye of one of the senior blackbelts at my current dojo.  Lots of fun, and an interesting second perspective on my overall training.
  7. I think I desperately need to buy yet another new pair of running shoes.  Seems my feet continue to change shape the longer I run, and I’m at the point that on most days, after about 40 minutes of running, my right foot begins to tingle like it’s going to “fall asleep.”  Last time that happened with regularity, I ended up damaging my right sural nerve.  So time to go shoe shopping.
  8. My little nephew dressed as the cutest little puppy for Halloween.  Kids are adorable at that age, in measured doses.
  9. My prison schedule changed.  Instead of spiritual counseling/Bible study on the first and third Thursdays, I’m doing the first Thursday only, but I’m picking up the Communion service on the first Saturday.  So I’ll still be going twice per month, but it’ll be in the same week from now on.  This is good, because escrima is only taught on Thursday nights, so I only have to miss 25 percent of classes instead of 50 percent.  Plus, in terms of the prison ministry, conducting two very different sessions provides greater opportunity for spiritual growth.
  10. I’ve had a lot of good luck lately with sitting down to write.  This bodes well.
  11. Work has been frustrating.  Too much to do; not enough time to do it; people reacting instead of thinking things through. 

All for now.

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  1. 3. awesome! my mom and i are going to hawaii in march, and i’m thinking i should try to get certified in some way in madison before….
    5. you have had more success than most of us… if i ran into a few of mine i’d probably punch them in the…stomach. yeah.

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