Youth is truly wasted on the young.

I had to do some banking and errands in Standale this morning.  As luck would have it, the Grand Valley State University men’s track-and-field team was hosting a car wash at the corner gas station.

With temperatures barely rising into the mid-60s, a dozen members of the team — clad only in running shorts — stood along Lake Michigan Drive in an attempt to solicit donations.

Admittedly, this was superlative eye candy.  But seriously … at that temperature, those poor, scrawny boys had to have their nuts sucked into their stomachs.

Incidentally, I stopped by Rivertown Crossings to watch a movie, and ended up stopping by B&N for a copy of Blue Water Sailing.  As I flipped through it at lunch today, I was reminded of why I am so eager to make for the open water.

And on a sad note, my GI distress is back.  Not sure what’s going on — I might break down next week and visit my doctor.  Gastritis, perhaps?

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