Site Revisions

I have made a few changes of substance to A Mild Voice of Reason:

  • The Files/Links page has been updated to include a few more general links, as well as an updated copy of my resume, my journalism clips portfolio, and a link to a static head shot.
  • Content added to the Philosophy page for the first time since March 2006.  Hooray for speedy updates!
  • The links on the Editing/Writing page that pointed to old stories at the Western Herald have been removed, since the Herald discontinued its online archive from that period.  Instead, a revised list of stories has been included, each as a PDF scanned from a tearsheet.
  • The News/Views page has had two new incoming feeds added to the top of the list — from Gillikin Consulting, and from Red County (Kent County, MI).  The existing links from Fox News follow.
  • The About Jason page has had a number of details tweaked/added/removed.
  • The overwhelming majority of archived posts, dating from February 2006, have been restored.  A few remain hidden for personal reasons, and several posts (especially from last summer) have been modified from their original version.

Take a look!

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