Fare Thee Well, 2012 — You Were a Good Friend

As 2012 glides into a well-deserved slumber, I can’t help but reflect on how the year has progressed for me. Some highlights, in no real order:

  • We had a blast at Tony’s 35th birthday celebration in Las Vegas in June.
  • I enjoyed a phenomenal conference at this year’s Joint Statistical Meetings in San Diego. Good conference, great location.
  • I had lots of fun celebrating various birthdays this year with PPQ and the Good Doctor.
  • Treks to Windsor and Joliet proceeded smoothly and enjoyably.
  • I installed an air condition just before the summer started to sizzle.
  • I replaced the tired old Ranger with a healthier, newer Jimmy.
  • I weigh less at the end of 2012 than I did when the year started.
  • I passed the FCC license exam for a technician-class radio license.
  • I actually got out and did some creative photography. More than once, even.
  • Our cigar and cocktail evenings have really blossomed into something great, thanks to a fabulous group of guys and the hospitality of Grand River Cigar.
  • I got more private consulting clients and even earned some decent revenue for once — enough to ensure that I didn’t have to worry about the next paycheck.
  • I did better this year at NaNoWriMo and made a lot of good friends as part of my participation with that crazy crew of creative cats.
  • I went on a lovely day hike along the NCT in northern Newaygo County.
  • I realized an astonishingly high personal rate of return on my 403(b) investment account and despite my late start planning for retirement, I’m actually pretty close to where the experts say I should be at this age.

So, it was a good year. I’m looking forward to 2013 — I have some good goals and a good foundation to build on.

May your own new year be filled with much love, happiness and success.

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