Contact Jason

Between the day job, the night job and the occasional forays to places with no cell signals, I’m rarely in a place where I can answer the phone or stay current on emails. It can take between six minutes and six weeks for me to reply to your messages. It’s not because I hate you, but because the volume is high and my ability to keep on top of correspondence is sometimes diminished by circumstance of scheduling. So your patience is appreciated.

This site, and my personal social-media contacts, are for non-business purposes only. In particular, correspondence related to Caffeinated Press must be addressed through the company’s online contact form. I’ll delete, unread and unacknowledged, any CafPress-related material sent to me personally.

The best way to reach me is email. Please use the form, below, to get the ball rolling. You’re also welcome to leave me a voice mail through my attendant at 833-4-JASON-G (833-452-7664), although voice mails get transcribed and sent to my email, so … 🙂

If you’re old school, you’re welcome to send me a letter by U.S. Mail courtesy of Caffeinated Press, 3167 Kalamazoo Ave. SE, Suite 203, Grand Rapids MI  49508. Please do not send it certified/registered or in any way that requires a signature, given that I’m never at the office when the mail carrier makes her daily rounds.

Given both volumes and prior abuse, I will not accept unsolicited or unexpected contacts by social media, text message, messaging apps or other sources. Your best bet is email, followed (distantly) by voice mail and postal mail.