Every now and then, I like to dust off the DSLR and go for a photo walk. Most of my formal photosets were all shot with my aging Nikon D3100 camera with either my Nikkor 18-55mm lens or my Nikkor 70-300mm lens. The Instagram pictures were taken either on my Nokia 935 Windows Phone or my iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone X.

My Instagram feed follows the photo galleries, so scroll down for current slice-of-life vignettes.

Almost none of my photos have humans in them. This is not because I’m a loner or because I hate taking pictures of people. Instead, it’s a reflection of the fact that I haven’t sought license agreements from anyone, so publishing photos of them publicly without compensation or authorization is both legally risky and, well, a bit creepy. So you’re getting curated, mostly-human-free versions of my photography.

Photo Galleries

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Grand Haven Boardwalk (May 2015)

A session with my friend Mel, just walking along the Boardwalk in downtown Grand Haven, Michigan.

Highlands Golf Club (July 2017)

I documented a brief walk around a golf course (I worked there, in the summer of 2000) that, last year, closed and is now allowed to grow wild as part of a new nature preserve in western Grand Rapids.

Kent Trails Nature Walk (July 2017)

The Kent Trails system around Millennium Park offers a great variety of Michigan ecosystems observable from the comfort of a modest paved trail system.

Animals of Plaster Creek (June 2016)

Some of the animals outside the Caffeinated Press office door, at our HQ in the Ken-O-Sha Professional Building along Plaster Creek.

Ludington State Park (June 2014)

Mid-Michigan in summer, adjacent to the lakeshore. Ludington State Park offers unimproved trails along marshlands and deciduous forests. This photoset grabs some of my favorite animal captures.

Maplewood Cemetery (November 2012)

A peaceful winter walk among the dead, in a tiny rural cemetery with roots stretching back two centuries.

Downtown Marshall, MI (May 2018)

A walk in downtown Marshall, Michigan.

Isle Royale National Park (May 2013)

Images from my solo four-night trek to Isle Royale National Park over Memorial Day weekend, 2013.

Red Rock Canyon, NV (June 2012)

Camera-phone photos from a jaunt around Red Rock Canyon, a side excursion during the Las Vegas trip for the Snyder wedding.

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