Thanksgiving Blessings

The last time Tony and I recorded a podcast episode, he tried to wish me a happy Thanksgiving but stumbled his way toward telling me “Thanksgiving blessings.” Which, then, degenerated into a series of giggles at the odd turn of phrase. But Thanksgiving does, indeed, provide a window for at least reflecting on the blessings we do enjoy. I’m grateful for:

  1. Living in the United States, which — despite the bitter partisan nature of contemporary electoral politics — remains a beacon of hope for so many poor and oppressed souls around the world.
  2. Enjoying a nice home with modern utilities and antique charm, courtesy of a landlord who’s also a friend.
  3. Having a family with whom I may happily break bread tomorrow, or at least talk to by email.
  4. The opportunity to write this blog post with two sweet feline overlords within arms’ reach, who are sleeping peacefully upon their pillows.
  5. The chance to make my world-famous spicy sausage jambalaya tonight, which I’ll enjoy by a wood fire with a book, a glass or two of delicious Spanish wine and Bach playing in the background.
  6. The drive to “win” NaNoWriMo this year and, next month, polish a draft of a real, honest-to-goodness novel.
  7. A meaningful job that brings ample opportunity to explore and implement ways to improve public health.
  8. My friends in West Michigan, especially the motley crew of writers with whom I associate.
  9. A reliable four-wheel-drive SUV that can plow through the snow accumulating outside my window.
  10. Our podcast and the friends across the world we’ve made because of it.
  11. Knowing that if I had an emergency and had to place a dreaded 3 a.m. call, that people would answer.
  12. Experiencing the joy of being the inaugural house guest of PPQ and The Good Doctor this week.
  13. Having a life plan and making progress toward achieving Big Things.
  14. Cigar and cocktail evenings and the relationships built from them.
  15. Having finally made that Isle Royale trip earlier this year.

We can always find things to complain about, or discern opportunities to make things better. Thus shall it always be. Harder is the task, though, of reflecting upon what is and finding joy in it — joy without caveat.
Today, be grateful. Without reservation or evasion. Be content with what is, and let tomorrow worry about what will be.
Thanksgiving blessings to you all.