Why I Love 100-Degree Days: An Ode to Michigan

My fellow Michiganders no doubt appreciate that this is the hottest and driest summer since 1945. Since I got back from Las Vegas five weeks ago, we’ve seen quite a few days above 100 degrees, and most of them have been above 90. With high humidity but almost no rain, unwatered lawns look like a crude approximation of the Mojave.

So I hear the whining: Oh, it’s soooo hot.

Yet I reflect — exactly six months from now we’ll be in the dead of winter and temperatures may well be in the teens. And we’ll be whining about how cold and snowy it is.

I get it: Some people like perpetually lukewarm weather. Those people should get the hell out of Michigan, a state that includes arid, snowy, subzero winters and hot, humid, dry summers. You get the full range of the earth’s climate without ever having to travel more than a mile in any direction.

But if climate variation isn’t your thing — I hear San Diego’s nice.