Five Fridays

This coming Friday, I will have finished my first week on the job at Priority Health, where I now work as a medical informatics consultant. The role presents an interesting career change and my first major shift in 13 years with the health system. I look forward to seeing the industry from the insurance carrier side, instead of the delivery system side. I’ve already had to buy a book on SQL programming, at the suggestion of my new boss. Interestingly, Bob will be both the first male supervisor I’ve had at the company (apart from a few transition weeks last summer), as well as the sixth formal upline I’ve had this fiscal year — started with Mary, then Tracey, then Big Jason, then Hollie, then Meghan and now Bob.

This past Friday, I packed my desk at Spectrum Health. Most of the Business Analytics team was off for meetings or work-from-home, so the wrap-up was quiet. I spent the morning updating my transition plan on the Confluence wiki and gathering my stuff into boxes. I got a hug from Vicki, then went to the Seward Street offices to give Meghan my hospital badge, laptop and parking pass. I left the kibble bowl (the candy dish) for everyone. It was, symbolically, empty. I left a note on my white board: “So long, and thanks for all the fish.” It’s a good group; I’ll miss them — Jen, Vicki, Alaric, Meghan, Gary, Lisa, Steve, Ronda, Gina, Allison, Bonnie.

The Friday before, I spent most of the day journaling, while encamped near Rock Harbor at Isle Royale National Park. Lots of insights gleaned that day.

The Friday before that, I struggled to get all my contract work done before I headed off on vacation. It was a day mostly spent as a freelance consultant, and the pressures that sometimes flow from it.

The Friday before that, I started telling my colleagues at the hospital that I had accepted an offer, the day before, from the insurance company. Thus marked my status as a short-timer. Folks started to come out of the woodwork, privately, to express their thoughts.

Five Fridays, each of which marked something significant.