Remembrance of Memorial Days Past

Curious, what milestones we set for ourselves. For some reason, Memorial Day seems to be an annual turning point for me:

  • 2010:  TBD.  🙂
  • 2009:  Triplets had just been born the week prior; Ryan and Jess were moving to Grand Rapids from Bay City.
  • 2008:  Met Andrew (inaugurating a six-month period of cultural and relationship turmoil); went for first trip to Las Vegas with Tony.
  • 2007:  Participated in community parade on behalf of the dojo — which helped me make more connections there. Also, I caught up on all my old bills and finally achieved a solid financial position.
  • 2006:  Increased the distance I ran on the sidewalks of Kentwood, a pattern that held for the entire summer.
  • 2005:  First signifianct “make-over” as part of my major weight-loss program — new hair style, got contacts, changed my wardrobe — before heading to family party at my mom’s cottage.
  • 2004:  Had to prepare an newspaper issue almost single-handed, because almost all of my editors were away.
  • 2003:  Friday prior, I received my diploma for my B.A. from Western Michigan University.

It remains to be seen what new delight will greet me this Memorial Day.