Marathon Times

My friend DQW shared on Facebook an oldie-but-goodie from Runner’s World that included a comparative table for your expected 5K/10K/half-marathon/full-marathon completion time based on certain average times and factoring in typical pace decline over longer distances.

When I was in peak running shape, I could comfortably average a 7-minute mile on the treadmill without too much stress — and that, with regrettably poor form (I’m a heel striker, alas). Meaning, if I got back into that condition, I could expect to finish a marathon in about 3:45. Or a half-marathon in less than 2 hours. That said, when I lived in Kentwood, I used to do an 8.2-mile sidewalk run a few nights per week and usually clocked in at around 1:15, a somewhat lamentable 9-minute mile only partially offset by two of those miles being a consistent 15-percent ascent (60th heading to Kalamazoo Ave., and Kalamazoo heading to 52nd) and several surprisingly long waits for traffic signals.

Last week I walked off a route on a paved but hilly forested section of Kent Trails/Millennium Park that comes in at 5.2 GPS-confirmed miles. I could arrive at the trailhead, complete the run and be back on the road in about 40 minutes or less — a prospect that makes for an intriguing option for a morning workout, if I opted to roll out of bed an hour earlier.

Especially if Tony is serious about doing the half-marathon in Las Vegas this fall.