Adventures in Television Viewing

I am not a huge consumer of television programming. There have been entire weeks where the big glowing box in my living room hasn’t been powered up. I do, however, enjoy a few programs, including True Blood, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and Mythbusters.

On occasion I hear of a good program from Duane or Rick, so I sometimes I take a look. Both, for example, recently recommended Sherlock. I have a Roku, plus subscriptions to Netflix and Hulu Plus, so I can usually find something I want in addition to the offerings on XFinity OnDemand.

A few shows have caught my eye recently for various reasons:

  • Sherlock.  Although only two very brief seasons long, the show is quite fun.
  • Teen Wolf.  Who would have thought an MTV-based teenage werewolf program would prove interesting? The second season is just wrapping up on broadcast. Although the first season was a bit heavy on the teen emo romantic angst, the plot arcs for both seasons are good for the genre and several of the characters have demonstrated some degree of development. I remember seeing a USA Today write-up of the show last year and laughed at the premise, but after catching the pilot episode I was hooked.
  • Supernatural.  I’m only at the latter half of the first season but I’m really enjoying the slow progression of the major story arc over time. I’m reminded of the X-Files, but with brothers instead of FBI agents and an emotionally distant father instead of an emotionless Cigarette Smoking Man.

Always on the lookout for good programs, but there are so few worth watching.
When I can fit it in, that is.

On a related note, I recently started listening to the TV with headphones. Mostly because the air conditioner, although fairly quiet, is loud enough to warrant turning up the TV volume to higher levels than I’d prefer. The upside is that the headphones really provide significant