Oh, crap …

… has it really been a month since my last post?  Oy, vay.  In my defense, there’s been a lot going on.  Herewith an update.

  1. Work has been a bit strange.  It’s amazing what a few weeks’ time will do, politics-wise.  Now I just need to convince my boss that she grossly underpays me for my work.  Note to Shannon … Would you remind Tracey of the injustice of it all?
  2. Duane has successfully left Michigan, presumably never to return.  He made it to California in one piece — for which, I am most grateful.  I think he needed it.  Let us hope that he didn’t take his Michigan “cloud of doom” with him across the Rockies.  Eh, he’s probably sitting at Round Table Pizza with his three hot Asian girlfriends, playing WoW on his laptop (upgraded to two gigs of RAM, no doubt) and secretly getting ready — in his first assignment as a federal investigator — to bust Osama and disarm the nuclear bomb planted along the San Andreas.  Seriously.  It wouldn’t surprise me one bit.  The man’s like a portly little Shaolin monk, ready to strike at a moment’s notice, or maybe just to grab a diet Dr. Pepper.  You never can tell.
  3. Duane out, Rick in.  Even though I’m working like a rabid monkey on crack trying to replace Duane in the office, Rick has come in as a part-time project coordinator.  And so far, so good — his desire to succeed is relieving (or is that re-living?) my stress headaches already.
  4. God bless Tony Snyder.  Thanks to a psychological kick-in-the-butt swiftly delivered to me by him, over dinner and too much mid-grade wine, I’ve been building my own business.  Most of the administrative heavy lifting (IRS forms, LLC registration with the State of Michigan) is done, now I just need to finish arranging for a merchant processing account and life should be good.
  5. What is this business, you ask?  It’s a subscription-only, human-edited daily news brief service.  My read on the market is either that I’ll do very, very well … or be out the couple hundred bucks that it’s costed me to start this baby.  Time will tell.  But it’s time to defecate or to descend from the porcelain throne.
  6. And, in turn, I think (hope) I talked Tony into staring his own law practice.  Funny thing; I think he misunderestimates himself.
  7. Maybe I’m onto something; lunch last week with Stacie featured me trying to convince her to strike out as a private “organizational dynamics” consultant of some sort.  She’d be good at it, too.  I’d hire her.  But then again, I’d be afraid not to. 🙂
  8. It’s amazing how heroic people think you are for volunteering for a few days to help on a Habitat for Humanity house.  I did that the first few days of August — it was fun (and damnably hot), but what was interesting was the reaction of people when they found out.  It was as if the very ground upon which I trod was holy.  Don’t misunderstand; I’ll take holy auras whenever I can get them.  I just didn’t expect one in this case.

Enough for now.  I’ll have to do this more often.

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