Flying Time

My goodness, it’s been a while since I’ve last updated.  So here goes …

1.  As of this posting, I’ve intercepted 2,346 spam messages.

2.  I’ve had an interesting few weeks switching operating systems on my main desktop computer.  I moved from Windows Vista RC1, which was expiring, to openSuSE 10.2 (Linux).  Which was great — the “start menu” equivalent in KDE is outstanding.  And were it not that I tried too hard to get a 3D desktop going (Beryl or Compiz; neither quite worked right with either of my video cards, an nVidia FX5500 or an ATI Raedon X1300), I might have stuck with openSuSE for the long haul.  But darn if Glx is buggy.  So I thought I’d see what’s new in Kubuntu 6.10 — but more of the same, sans SuSE GUI enhancements.  So after multiple clean installs, I became sufficiently frustrated that I went out and purchased Vista (home premium) AND Office 2007 (standard).  And I’m quite satisfied with the result.

3.  I did pass my yellow-belt test last month, and successfully tested for my first orange stripe today.  I’m now working on mastering Kanshiwa kata, and remembering to breathe.  And watching my flaring elbows.  And my stray rear foot.  And walking backward in Sanchin.  And walking forward in Sanchin.  And ….

4.  I returned to the wild, crazy world of online political simulations again.  What can I say; it’s a hobby.  I’m now focusing on United States Government Simulation (, which has a great GOP team and an interesting setup that includes a bicameral Congress, a UN, a dozen or so state regions, a healthy press, and an active out-of-character discussion forum.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the overall tenor of debate and general lack of parliamentary foolishness.

5.  I have the distinct honor of visiting a podiatrist next week.  I apparently crushed a nerve in my right foot, leaving the outer side and heel mostly (and persistently) numb.  Woo hoo.  On the bright side, if my doctor is right in his belief, then this is a minor irritation that will, over a few months, correct itself.

6.  My mother has been learning the fine art of computing via a DSL line and wireless laptop.  And she’s not doing too bad, now that she’s free of the shackles of dial-up.

All for now.

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