A Nightmare of Logistics

Had to return a day early from the ASA/ASQ Fall Technical Conference to attend to strange housing problems.  Ugh.  I did, however, meet all of my objectives, and visiting Jacksonville was nice.  And Natalie and I were able to have lunch with some of America’s leading living statisticians — they just happened to sit at the table we were at for the first-day luncheon.

On a side note, I ended up getting double-charged for the plane tickets to Las Vegas … grr.  Spirit Airlines will not refund the second booking, despite that it’s obviously an error (the same two people, the same two flights, booked mere minutes apart) resulting from a faulty timeout on Spirit’s Web site.  And the mean lady from India would only give me a travel voucher, not a refund.  The nice lady from America who works at my bank, however, cleared the auth hold and gave me advice for initiating a chargeback should the actual transaction hit my account.  Grrrrrrr.

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