Been an interesting few weeks since my last post.

  1. My planned trip to Key Largo for diving has been modified.  Instead of heading to Florida, I’m staying in Michigan, but taking most of next week off to do marketing work for my new consultancy —  Will be working with Tony and Rick on some of the details.  I’m quite excited about this.
  2. In lieu of the Florida trip, I’ll be going to Las Vegas again with Tony, during the week of Memorial Day.  Tony got us three nights comped at Paris, and I was able to change my flights on Northwest for a grand total of $8, so the major expenses for this trip (flights and lodging) are already paid for.
  3. We had a women’s expo at church today.  It was a lot of work, but it seemed to go well.  I shopped out some business cards and got two solid leads for work contracts.  Woo hoo!
  4. Had dinner earlier this week with [redacted] — it was great, except we didn’t get to chat about the implications of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy on America’s alleged sexism.
  5. I’ve been “put on notice” by the diocese today that the death of one of our retired auxiliary bishops may be imminent — may his final days be blessed.  I was asked to assist with his funeral Mass, coordinating the clergy before the ceremony.  Additionally, I’ve racked up additional time as a master of ceremonies and as a worship coordinator for several upcoming episcopal liturgies.
  6. Things have been interesting at the hospital.  I drafted a major proposal regarding the hospital’s ethics committee, which was approved mostly unchanged by a work group and then by the full biomedical ethics committee.  It was apparently well-received by senior leadership.  Time will tell how this will play out, but I’ve already been asked to do some work on transition planning.
  7. The executive team of the Quality and Productivity section of the American Statistical Association, of which I am presently privileged to serve as the publications officer-elect, supported my suggestion of having a 90-minute speaker’s panel on the subject of healthcare quality at the next Fall Technical Conference, in Mesa in October.  I am coordinating this, with the conference co-chair.  Interesting professional-development opportunity.

More later.

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