In Brief …

A little update:

  1. Today was the first of two days of classroom training and confined-water diving, leading to certification as a PADI open-water diver.  The actual open-water dives required for certification will be completed on a weekend in two or three weeks.  The course is interesting.  I like this already, and am eager to do "real" diving and work toward divemaster status.
  2. Next week, it’ll be Viva Las Vegas, as Tony and I spend four fun-filled days and three exciting nights in The Happiest Place on Earth — at Paris, at the heart of the Strip. 
  3. Business development has proceeded well.  Everything’s ready to go, at long last.
  4. Chiropractor services have been useful.  My long-running mild back tension has been noticeably decreased.

Other than that … same ol’, same ol’.

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