Backward and Forward

The week or so I’ve been back from The Happiest Place on Earth has not been without its own share of adventures.

  1. Spent last Friday/Saturday with Andrew, watching more fun movies from his mammoth collection.  Nice getting to know him better.
  2. Watched a series of major, unhappy changes unfold at the hospital over the last few days.  Corporate culture, when the facade lifts, can be unpleasant.
  3. Intended to meet Duane in Detroit yesterday, but he missed his flight out of Sacramento.  So, having already made plans to head to the Motor City area, I went to dinner with Jon and Emilie instead.  Quite pleasant.  A bit different for the three of us to meet without Tony, but fun nevertheless.


  • Will probably spend some time at the Festival of the Arts today.
  • Have work to do on business development.  A growing sense of urgency to have a “plan B” in place.
  • Doing my open-water dives this Wednesday and Thursday at Baptist Lake in Newaygo County.

In general … I need to collect myself and focus on what my real priorities are, and not stress about the tangential things that pop up.  It’s hard, with some strong distractions in my personal life, but — it is what it is.

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