A few items of interest.

  1. For the first time since before Easter, I went back to prison to lead a Communion service.  The guys were warm and friendly.  My reflection was on the way that we persecute ourselves through overzealous conscience.  I think it resonated well enough with the inmates.
  2. It seems that I’ll be heading back to Southfield next weekend, to help move Pretty Pretty Queen and the Prince Consort into newer digs.  Nothing I enjoy more than schlepping boxes … than in schlepping someone else’s boxes.  🙂  (Just kiddin’, Em.)
  3. Speaking of boxes … was the first “full” week in the new office space at the hospital.  I was forcibly relocated from my spacious sixth-floor office (with a dynamite view of the downtown area, including the Grand River) to the center of a butt-ugly cube farm.  Your gentle blogger is somewhat less than amused by this turn of events, and is protesting by spending the bulk of each week occupying hotel spaces at other hospital facilities.  On the bright side, the move — plus some very awkward internal office politics — has generated a detailed, open, honest, and direct conversation about my future at the hospital, with my senior director.  We’ve got a good understanding of where we’re both at, and will reconvene soon for some final decision-making. 
  4. Well, I did get the official paperwork completed to be officially certified as an open-water diver.  I think I’ll do some diving again in a few weeks.  Fun!
  5. Andrew had some car trouble earlier this week — I’m glad I had the opportunity to assist him.  Luckily, it was just a torn fuel line, but still, he did have to have the car towed, which isn’t exactly a barrel of monkeys.
  6. Enjoyed a lovely dinner at Hop Cat last night with [redacted].  And to think … we didn’t even talk about how her Hillary got shafted by an unqualified black man.
  7. I installed openSUSE 11.0 on the second major partition on Ye Olde Laptop.  I really like it, although KDE 4 is buggier than I’d expect for a major final release.  On the bright side, this version of openSUSE has the 2.6.25.x kernel, so getting Broadcom wireless working was a breeze.
  8. Old people don’t know how to drive.
  9. Fr. Roc seems to have learned about my Vegas excitement.  And Sharon knew about my ear thingy … I wonder if she reads this blog?  I wouldn’t be surprised; she’s surprisingly smart for being an RN. 🙂

All for now.  Happy first day of summer!

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