169.5 + 7 = Yay!

This morning I weighed in at less than 170 for the first time in more than a year.  This makes Jason happy; my goal is to get back to 160, and then begin a strength-training program.  At this rate, I might get there by Halloween.

How best to celebrate a weight-loss milestone than with a good run?  I haven’t done an honest-to-goodness road run since I lived in Kentwood, probably in August 2007; I’ve limited my cardio solely to treadmills since. 

So, I ran home from the hospital, a trek of a bit more than seven miles.  I started at DeVos Place, ran through to Bridge and Garfield, walked the Bridge Street Hill, and then proceeded at speed along Lake Michigan Drive to Collindale.  I walked a few hundred meters (pulse check), then picked up the pace to Lincoln Country Club — there’s no sidewalk, and only a six-inch path that runs about a foot away from the curb, so I walked it lest I step funny and end up sprawled in the path of oncoming traffic.  After Lincoln, I ran to Kinney, and then followed Kinney to Leonard.

I feel good.  I feel good about myself.  As I told Rick today:  It’s an autumn of renewal.

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