Tonight I deleted every personals profile I remember creating.  These “dating” Web sites have leeched an inordinate amount of my time, an investment repaid with negativity, drama, and incivility.  I told myself that I monitored them mostly to keep track of who to be cautious about if I should encounter them in the real world; however, I don’t need to dust off my philosophy degree to spot the inadequacies of that argument.

I banished these electronic carnivals of flesh largely on the example of my new friend Brian, who did the same thing about two weeks ago.  I liked his logic:  He said that if he was meant to be with someone, he’d find that person eventually, without the distractions and temptations that the online world affords.

Of course, I knew darn well he was right, and I knew it a long time ago.  It just took his example to push me to act.

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