Halloween! Yay!

I am presently in the middle of a fairly busy time.  Details are as follows:

  • On Tuesday, I went out for drinks with an acquaintance, then met Tony for some conversation at Applebees.
  • On Wednesday, I covered Confirmations at the cathedral. 
  • On Thursday, I ended up at Kava, talking to (Grand Rapids) Jen, and doing some miscellaneous writing work.
  • On Friday, I had lunch with Edmund, ran some errands, did some light shopping, and did a LOT of cleaning — primarily because my planned excursion out on the town with Val and Stash was canceled on account of female instability. 🙂
  • Saturday will be busy.  I’m one of three co-presenters on liturgical art and environment during Advent and Christmas, for a diocesan workshop in Caledonia.  I get to lecture on the parts of a church, sacristy management, people management, and “questions of taste and sensibility.”  Should be interesting.  After that, I’m off to Kalamazoo — presumably with Charlie — to attend the Tracy and Teri Halloween Party Extravaganza.  I look forward to kicking Emilie and (Lansing) Jen into humble submission during the informal costume contest.
  • Sunday, after the post-party brunch, I may do something with Andrew.

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