Then There Were Eight

A quick update:

  1. It had been decided for a while that Ryan was going to take sole and permanent custody of the baby that his half-brother and his girlfriend were about to have.  Well, she delivered … twins.  Much to everyone’s astonishment.  I got to name the boy (Liam) and Ryan and Candace named the girl (Kylee).  They are in the hospital yet, since they were premature and had some minor challenges (jaundice, primarily), but … with the triplets, this makes eight kids in the household.  Wow!
  2. It’s been a back-and-forth with gifts lately.  Ryan bought me a stunning stainless-steel pendant engraved with “MLP” — his nickname for me, which means “most loved person.”  He also got assorted gifts for my brother and his family, and Candance and I were able to make him his very first Easter baskets EVER.  I might have included an elephant clock with his basket, and Candace gave him blankets that she made for Ryan and Jackson and Camden.
  3. Two weeks without a vehicle = torture.
  4. Work has been … blah.  More of the same.
  5. I have been buying DVDs by the boatload lately.  In the last three weeks, I have purchased 21, which is strange given that when I started this buying spree, I only owned like a dozen.
  6. Perhaps no car and lots of DVD-watching has contributed to my expanding waistline?  Ugh.  Gotta drop 20.

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