Let It Snow!

Well, the “blizzard” was fun. I discovered that it’s possible to die of heat exhaustion in the middle of a frigid snowstorm when you wear too much wool in too many layers. Hooray for poor wardrobe planning!  But I do love the white stuff.

Last few weeks have been a treat:

  1. My doctor’s visit was fun. Turns out, my thyroid is in mint condition — but, I have an extremely seriously low level of vitamin D in my system. This has a role to play in a bunch of biochemical processes, including calcium regulation, so we’re attacking the vitamin D issue as our first strategery for defeating the twin terrors of “Jason has no energy” and “Jason is in a mental fog.”  I have a prescription for a 50,000 IU dose that I take once per week for eight weeks, then get follow-up labs drawn. Stay tuned (and yes, I’ve already had my fill of “white boy needs sun” jokes, thankyouverymuch).
  2. My dad had pretty major surgery this week. Keep him in your prayers.
  3. The family Christmas this year was interesting. Brian was back from Iraq for a week or so; hence, we assembled last Monday for festivities. He is doing well, and that cheeky bastard has already lost a million pounds, which seem to have found a new home upon my thighs.  Sometimes life just isn’t fair. 🙂
  4. With the cold I was able to wear my big fuzzy Siberian rabbit hat this week. As usual, I got questions and comments.  Good times. 
  5. The hospital and writing are holding steady. More changes loom, but it’s too early to say what life will look like a month from now.
  6. Duane seems to be settling in well.  He appears happy.  We’ve been doing a bit of online WoW lately.  I’m glad he’s OK; he was in a pretty bad spot just a few months ago.

Stay warm!

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