Hither and Yon

This month marks the fourth anniversary of the current incarnation of A Mild Voice of Reason. In that time, I have accumulated 255 posts, 165 legitimate comments, and 4,832 spam comments rejected automatically by Akismet. This translates to 64 posts per year, or 1.2 posts per week. Not bad for a project that spans 40 percent of a decade.

A few recent developments:

  1. I’ll be moving again at the end of the month. Not sure where I will be on March 1, although I have a good sense of where I will end up in the long run. My current apartment was a joint lease between me and my mother, and now that lease has terminated.
  2. Ryan, Jess and the kids are in Bay City. Jess experienced two deaths in her family in January (for which she has my sincere condolences), and one of the funerals was yesterday. Other than that, things are good. The kids are happy, healthy and strong. Ryan is doing really well; he has recently gotten back into doing some architectural drawings again.
  3. I’ve had a little bit of social interaction this week. Had a quick cup of coffee with Alejandro this past week, and yesterday I went to dinner (Palace of India) and drinks (Mangiamo!) with Stacie and Charlie. That was fun.
  4. I continue to recover since beginning Vitamin D supplements two months ago. Amazing how something as trivial-sounding as a vitamin deficiency can so thoroughly kick one’s buttocks. Next step: Re-regulating my weight, which spiked in the last few months of 2009. Need to drop about 30 lbs. to return to relative normalcy.
  5. The hospital front continues to fascinate. We hired a new person who started the Monday before last. Verdict is still out on how well the Informatics team is going to coalesce.
  6. I continue to do my Demand Studios writing. I recently crossed the “300 articles” mark, which is cool. At $15 per article, this has turned into a pleasant source of secondary revenue.

All for now.

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