Miscellany …

Of record:

  • Today is Ryan’s 23rd birthday.  He and Jess and the kids are in the U.P. with Jess’s family, having fun and playing in the lake while I sit here drinking mochas.  Mmm, mocha. They are enjoying themselves and unwinding, which is very important.
  • This has proven to be a fairly decent holiday weekend so far. Friday was pleasant — I went to Little Africa for Ethiopian food with Charlie, then we went to Cambridge House, where we sampled three different varieties each of top-shelf scotch, tequila and port. A very good evening.
  • Saturday was spent shopping at the mall, followed by some writing and coffee at Bitter End, and some lovely conversation with Abbi. Then I got to relax a bit.  Woohoo.
  • I spent the morning at the office.  A few weeks ago I was quasi-promoted to interim team leader for my workgroup.  This is a six-month trial of processes and effectiveness before final decisions are made.  One benefit — I got an office, into which I moved Friday afternoon and wrapped up the move today. This will be an interesting new aspect to my job; we shall see what comes of it.

All for now.

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