Beer Review: Éphémère (Apple)

BEER REVIEW: Éphémère (Apple) Ale

BeerAdvocate overall review: B (797 reviews to date).

This Canadian ale (brewed by Unibroue with apple juice, coriander and curacao peels) tastes like green apples. The scent reminds me of green apples, and the ale is definitely tinged with the flavor. What makes this ale unique, however, is the aftertaste — which is eerily reminiscent of a sour apple Jolly Rancher. The beer (5.5 percent ABV) went down smoothly and felt light and crisp on the tongue, without any distracting bitterness. It may be an average fruit ale, however, except for that aftertaste — which, admittedly, is a matter of preference to which many beer connoisseurs may render a frown.

This ale, if served cold, may make for a refreshing pick-me-up on a warmer late-autumn day. In any case, I’d happily enjoy another.

Personal verdict: A-.

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