Beer Review: Samuel Smith’s, The Famous Taddy Porter

As part of the ever-increasing portfolio that my dear readers have come to expect from A Mild Voice of Reason, today I inaugurate a new feature to this humble blog: Vice reviews. Yes. At long last, and by pseudo-popular demand, you now may revel in knowing my opinion about various beers, wines, liquors and cigars.

BEER REVIEW: Samuel Smith’s, The Famous Taddy Porter

BeerAdvocate overall review: A- (942 reviews to date).

This beer is hands-down a solid, pleasurable pick. Brewed in England by Samuel Smith Old Brewery, this porter packs a smooth finish — graced by hints of creqmy caramel — without any harsh edge or unpleasant aftertaste. Even paired with a cigar, the beer held its own with a crisp flavor that paired well with a mild Macanudo. The amber-hued beverage had a pleasant, citrus scent without any overpowering hint of alcohol, and the bubbles were well-formed and consistent, providing a slightly fizzy palate.

This is the sort of beer I could drink one after another without a second thought.

Personal verdict: A.

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