Highlights of a Month Gone By

Heavens to Murgatroid, has it really been nearly five weeks since my last post? Time flies, and apparently I lack a swatter. Anyhow, here’s a sampling of the latest in the life of your humble correspondent.

  1. Enjoyed a fine dinner at Ecko in East Lansing yesterday with Tony, Jen, Jon and Emilie. This was our first assemblage since The Great Las Vegas Wedding Proposal, and “a good time was had by all.”  After dinner, we grabbed some adult beverages (I brought a decent Riesling and a bottle of George Dickel, and I acquired a bottle of Hendrick’s gin in Lansing, in addition to the liquid refreshments provided by others in the dinner party). Then, games at Tony’s — mostly Pictionary. I managed to get only a little gin on his suede gaming-table top.
  2. Last Monday, a group from the office enjoyed a day-long train trip to Chicago. Pat, Melanie, Kim and I cruised to Union Station, then shopped along the Magnificent Mile before dining at Cheesecake Factory. The excursion was a blessed relief from the normal humdrum of a December Monday.
  3. Charlie has moved on from Ellis Parking … I will miss his cheerful daily greetings, but we shall continue to stay in contact. He is a good egg.
  4. Weekend before last, I dined and drank with my dear friend Stacie. Started at The Winchester, then moved on to Graydon’s Crossing. Although our social time is regrettably rare, it’s always worth it. She is one of the very few people who I know I could wake with an infamous “3 a.m. call” and know she’d take care of me.
  5. Thanksgiving was fun. My grandmother and the Indiana family came to Grand Rapids for a large turkey dinner. Quite pleasant.
  6. Hospital life has been busy. I was a participant in some of the special opening events at the new Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. The building is beautiful, and well-planned to take care of children and their families. A lot of good work went into this project.
  7. I’ve been spending more time thinking about what 2011 will be like. Feels like I’m dancing on the head of a pin right now.

All for now.

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