Finding the Right Purpose

‘Twas an interesting weekend.

Saturday, I mostly relaxed a bit. Tried to write, but didn’t “feel it.” Watched a bunch of Netflixed online episodes of series one of the BBC’s Torchwood. Ate some Lean Pockets and read some magazines and visited my mom and played with Gunner. Largely wasted and chaotic.

Today? Different story. Spent six hours in the office this morning and got a ton of stuff done. Went home, did laundry, cleaned, did the dishes, blogged, edited, paid a bill, sorted a week’s worth of accumulated email, got caught up on Facebook messages. Accomplished everything I wanted to get done, with a little time to spare.

I think a big part of being successful is finding the right purpose. Purpose provides meaning, and meaning provides motivation.

Of course, when your attitude sucks, you cannot connect with purpose. When you let stress get the upper hand, inertia sets in and water-treading becomes the norm.

The older I get, the more sensitive I am to the overwhelming significance of good attitude as the most important contributor to personal success. When you let one thing get you down, everything else collapses as well. But when you make the effort to achieve, and to thrive … well, that’s the beginning of success.

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