A good run

I just returned from a six-mile run (yes, this late in the evening).  My time was just shy of 55 minutes, which isn’t great, but I’ll take it given that 18 months ago I couldn’t walk three flights of stairs in my office building without panting and sweating.  No joke.  And, almost 1/3 of my course is uphill, with a not insignificant 3/5-mile 10 percent grade at one point.

The great thing was, the run was no big deal.  My pulse at the finish line was just about 150, and I had no aches or pains along the way.  My breathing was not unduly labored.  In fact, along the last mile, I was daydreaming and didn’t even notice about a quarter-mile of the course.  Hee hee.

This is fun — good exercise, too.

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