Two Airlines

My gentle readers will surely recall the horror-fest that was my experience with Spirit Airlines, with regard to the trip Tony and I took to Las Vegas in October.  I had booked our tickets through Spirit’s Web site, but when the final processing transpired, the reservation system told me the tickets I requested were no longer available at the specified price.  So, I had to repeat the process — only to find out a few minutes later that both transactions had taken, and that I was left with two pairs of tickets for the exact same flights.  Long story short, Spirit refused to do anything but issue travel vouchers, so I successfully had my bank issue a chargeback.

Well, this morning I booked my tickets to Miami through Northwest (my primary airline, now that I’m racking up frequent-flyer miles through travel and a rewards ATM/debit card).  This afternoon, as I reviewed the confirmation e-mail, I realized that I screwed up; I set my return date one week later than I intended.  So, I used Northwest’s Web site to re-book my MIA-GRR leg; the ticket was the same price, and there were no fees attached, so the change ended up costing me $0, with no additional hassle to boot.

Kudos to NWA for getting this one right.

Incidentally, I checked all the discount-travel sites; the cheapest fare was through Northwest’s own Web site.

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