Tempus ab Iasone fugit.  Here’s the latest scribble in the Chronicle.

  1. Work has been steady at the hospital.  We are busy, but a “predictable” kind of busy, although development of the Central Scheduling Data Mart has been a significant calendar and brainpower investment.
  2. Horror-movie night on the 31st was a success.  I had Charlie, Rick, Sondra, and Kate over for an evening of pizza, alcohol, and three decent horror films:  Valentine, Dead Silence, and Bubba Ho-Tep.  A good time was had by all.
  3. From what I can gather, Brian seems to be doing OK in Iraq, although he’s so busy he can barely keep up.
  4. Mom’s new house is coming along nicely.  She has already re-floored her bedroom, the 2nd bedroom, the bedroom hallway, and the living room.  Lots of progress.  And she has an absolutely adorable new puppy, Gunner, a German Shepherd with razor-sharp teeth and a fascination for my toes.
  5. Jonah, Gradey, and Kingston are still chugging along.  They all have respiratory infections, but they are getting treatments along with home oxygen.  All things considered, they’re doing pretty good.  And it’s exciting to see Jackson get ready for school and Camden and Kellen and Harper prepare for daycare.  Plus, Ryan will be attending GVSU this fall.  Lots going on!
  6. I continue to work on Gillikin Consulting development, focusing right now on the journalism aspect — query letters, mostly.  Tons of work.

All for now!

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