A Better Tomorrow

I’ve been working my tail off on my business-development work lately, in an attempt to substantially augment my meager hospital salary with some home-grown work product.  Highlights of my recent activities include —

  • Finishing a substantial overhaul to gillikinconsulting.com, including adding business-specific social-media connections (realtime IM, new Twitter, Facebook business fan page).
  • Updated my LinkedIn profile and joined a ton of affinity groups.
  • Became a (paid) contributer for Demand Studios.
  • Agreed to a (volunteer) edit job for the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
  • Set up a PayPal account for accepting client payments, and applied for a DUNS number to facilitate commercial credit.
  • Accepted a personal client.
  • Did a thorough under-the-hood site update for Anthony M. Snyder and Associates.
  • Joined Guru and Elance, a pair of clearinghouse sites for freelance contractors.
  • Forwarded my resume and clips to the new editor of The Grand Rapids Press, for freelance writing assignments.

Things are looking good.  There’s just a handful of things left to finish.

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