What a Month!

While I was on my winter holiday a month ago, I experienced a transition of leadership at the day job. My boss, Bob, took a different role, so now I report directly to our divisional vice president.

The change is, to put it delicately, not inconsequential.

The last few weeks have required a major pivot in how my team and I execute our work, and on what cadence. So a series of 60-hour weeks.

And other things have crept up, too —

  • I was sideswiped in a hit-and-run accident earlier in the month. In the grand scheme of things, not much damage to me or my car. I pulled a back muscle, which has been intermittently unpleasant. The damage to the car looks superficial, although the insurance adjuster quoted $977 in repairs. (You might have guessed that I have a $1k deductible.)
  • I’ve transitioned into my treasurer role at the Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters. The long-term time commitment is minimal, all things considered, although I did have to spend some time getting set up — new accounting system, logins, emails, etc. So a bit transition time.
  • I had the chance to offer a final revision to the essay I submitted a while back, to an anthology about the Catholic Church. Not 100 percent I’m thrilled with it yet — pretty tight word-count constraints — but at least the project is moving along.

Quiet weekend, for once. Might start digging through messages, which have now (cumulatively) crossed the 1,000-unread-emails count. Perhaps a fire and some whiskey and a cat would help. Hmm.

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