Energy, Whoa!

Since I’m in a loquacious mood this evening …

One of the struggles I’ve had to deal with after massive weight loss has been balancing my energy, both intake and expenditures.  My endocrine system really hasn’t adjusted well to not having as much to regulate, so it’s been a delicate task to walk the line between chronic lethargy and weight gain.

After reading a pair of great books on running, I switched last week to a “grazing” strategy for eating.  Instead of skipping breakfast, eating a huge lunch, crashing in the afternoon, and then running my way through exhaustion in the evening before eating another large (usually bad) meal, I’m eating more frequently, but less volume and greater diversity.  More complex carbs instead of simple sugars, more fiber instead of oils.

A week in, the strategy is already paying off handsomely.  I had two days last week at work when I was able to get through the entire afternoon without wanting to curl up and die (haha).  This is a good thing.  I have more refining to do.  Gerri suggested that I consider consulting with a registered dietitian, and I think she has a great point.  I might do that.  Proper nutrition is a difficult task in the best of circumstances, and eating well after kicking the obesity habit is even less simple.

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