A few things of interest:

  1. I called Duane yesterday to chat; we conversed for two full hours, probably because — with the recent storms in California — he is without electricity and Internet access.  His semester ended well, though, and now he’s working on his thesis.
  2. I signed up for yoga yesterday; I am taking a Level 1 class at The Yoga Studio on Tuesdays starting this week (sorry, Callista … my choice of venue is totally dependent on relative scheduling).
  3. We celebrated Kyler’s third birthday (which is today), yesterday.  He was certainly a little bundle of energy.  Met my sister-in-law’s family, too.  Nice folks.  Brian certainly married into the right family.
  4. Had about $400 in auto costs on Friday — two new tires, an oil change, and a transfer-case flush.  Amazing how nicely the Grand Cherokee drives when I have safe tires.

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