Another Day in Paradise


  1. Yoga is more difficult than it looks. Who knew those useless out-of-the-way muscles actually had a purpose? And that they could ache for two days after being stretched?
  2. It appears that I have automotive-related sadness in my future … transmission trouble looms. Uh-oh.
  3. Hooray! For the first time ever, I got wireless networking under Linux working on my laptop. I’m running Linux Mint 4.0, and managed to get my Broadcom 4311 working using ndiswrapper after a few hours of dedicated sleuthing on the Ubuntu forums. Believe it or not, the wireless in Linux, using a bastardized Windows driver, actually delivers substantially higher throughput than the native Broadcom drivers do in Vista. *shrug*
  4. Had a great escrima class yesterday. We worked a bit on “destruction techniques” — that is, how to win a fight by destroying your opponent’s soft tissues and joints. Scary how easy is in principle to really hurt someone, with just a little bit of training; an elbow can be a dangerous weapon. Of course, there is a wide gulf between grasping the simplicity of the theory and achieving competence in practice. But still.
  5. Rick took me out for dinner on Tuesday … mmm, Indian food.  We had a good conversation about his future at the hospital.  I will enjoy giving him his “AutoTormentor 5000” next week.
  6. I deployed a new template on this blog. Cuz I was bored.

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  1. I forgive you for not going to From the Heart. I’ve heard good things about The Yoga Studio too. I just restarted yoga myself, although not quite the same kind I practiced before. In Bikram, they heat the room to 90 derees (sometimes higher) to facilitate muscle warming and toxin loss. I think it’ll be a good class (even if nothing can quite replace Behnji from From The Heart). 🙂 good luck with it!

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