Curiouser and Curiouser

The last week has been filled with growth opportunities.

  1. Life at the hospital — never boring — has taken an interesting turn lately.  With the turmoil of recent months, it appears that not only have I been pulled back up from under the bus, but I’m even welcome near the instrument panel again.  Conversations with my senior director about the future look promising, and long-awaited action appears forthcoming within two months.
  2. After the Dave e-mail from a week ago, I came to appreciate my friends in a different way.  Just about everyone was helpful and sympathetic, including Tony, Emilie, Duane, Andrew, and Chris (Dad of Divas, whose supportive comments here are most appreciated).  Andrew’s strategy was to take me out to the bar on Friday night.  I think he wanted to simultaneously distract me, and to have me be the third wheel as he met a new friend.  As it turned out, I also met a person (a gorgeous 21-year-old from out of town) at the bar, and we ended up enjoying the evening elsewhere — perhaps the best solution to “break-up blues” known to man.  It was horribly irresponsible, but intense, and I suppose everyone gets at least one of those events at least once in his life. 
  3. But the fun continues … Andrew and I returned to the bar on the next evening (Saturday, the venue’s busiest day) and I ended up running into several hospital folks of my acquaintance, including a funny young nurse aide from the oncology floor and his stunningly beautiful female friend.  I ended up helping her to chaperone him for the last half-hour of the evening, including helping them to their car and triaging his irrational yelling at a gaggle of butch lesbians.  Good times, good times. 
  4. I had a lovely dinner and evening out with Tony on Tuesday.  He gave me the only free night he had between now and his performance in mid-August, which was kind of him.  We made plans for an October return to The Happiest Place on Earth.  Yay!
  5. I was elected Vice President of the United States of MicroAmerica, an online political simulation based on the Yahoo! Groups format.  I preside over the Senate.  It’s busy, but fun. 
  6. Speaking of games, at Duane’s urging, I purchased Tabula Rasa, Richard Garriott’s newest game.  Very interesting.  I haven’t had much time to play, but I look forward to playing around this weekend.

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