Mac is Back!

Sarah Palin.

YAY!  McCain has just redeemed himself in my eyes through his selection of the Alaska governor to be his running mate.

Palin is a “base Republican” in every sense of the term — a mother of five who worked her way from the PTA to the city council to a state appointment to governor.  She is the quintessential conservative power babe:  she loves God, hates abortion, hunts and fishes, fights government waste, believes in smaller and more responsive government, abhors corruption, and speaks truth to power.

McCain made a terrific pick, and in one day solidified his support among the conservative base, building on his recent outreach to evangelicals and his strong showing at the Saddleback forum.

My enthusiasm for this election just kicked into gear, and I’m celebrating with a donation to the McCain-Palin campaign.

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  1. I hope Governor Palin finds it funny when Old Man McCain calls her a “bitch” and “c**t”, as he is wont to do to women.

    She also supports the teaching of creationism, which has got to make every educated nerve in your body twitch in agony.

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