Labor Day

Yay, serendipity.  Herewith a recap of the Labor Day festivities:

  1. THURSDAY.  Met Cameron for an enjoyable evening of conversation and hiding in the bathroom from his roommates.
  2. FRIDAY.  Took much of the day off — wasn’t feeling well.  In the afternoon, I met Charlie (a guy who works in my building) for coffee, which morphed into a viewing of Disaster Movie with him and his friend Kara.  Interesting tidbit:  Kara’s father is a friend of mine from church.  After the movie, we went to BW3 for drinks and dinner.  A lovely time, with lovely people.
  3. SATURDAY.  Spent the whole day with Andrew.  Went to Oval Beach for the day; five hours of intense sun with only SPF 4 sunscreen and precious little base tan means that your humble correspondent turned a lovely shade of crimson.  In the evening, we went to Diversions, where I met Matthew, who is a dog groomer and backup dancer from Chicago.  He was unmistakeable, insofar as he was the only guy in the bar who ran around shirtless and acted like the life of the party — he was the super-hot guy who everyone drooled over but no one had the balls to approach.  His friend Jim, also from Chicago, was there; he seemed to like Andrew well enough.  With another local (Bobby), I went with Matt and Jim back to their hotel for conversation and such, and I ended up spending a fair amount of time getting to know Matt, and to share with him the cultural differences between West Michigan and Northeast Illinois.
  4. SUNDAY.  Went to Muskegon for a brief conversation with Mike.  By then, the combination of lingering illness, sunburn, and lack of sleep left me really rather cranky, and I fear that it showed.  I had planned, after leaving Muskegon, to do an airport trip, but this got canceled at the last minute and I was free to accept Matt’s invitation to go to Rumors to see the drag show.  The drag show was … how shall I put it? … a drag, so we left early and returned to Diversions, a venue that Matt and Jim both enjoyed — no accounting for Chicagoan tastes. 
  5. MONDAY.  Ran errands with Matt (including a pharmacy run to get his antibiotic scrip filled; a dog bit his hand a few days prior) before sending him back to Chicago with Jim.  Did some laundry and had a delicious salmon dinner (thanks, bro!) with my mother and grandmother.  Saw Traitor at Studio 28, in lieu of my canceled dinner plans with Edmund, who begged off on account of a migraine and hangover.

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