Cool Breezes

This week has been mostly cool and rainy; temperatures have been low enough that I’ve worn a sweater to work, and put on a hoodie as I’ve been out-and-about.  The weather has been cooperating nicely with my goal of having a slow, relaxing, drama-free autumn — a time to unwind and recharge before the winter/holiday season.

In fact, this weekend should be remarkably clear, calendar-wise.  Today (Friday) was uncommitted.  Except for a few hours’ quiet revelry in Kalamazoo on Saturday with Tony, Emilie, Jon, Tracy, Teri, and a few others, I have no plans, except possibly for a cup of coffee with Charlie.  I may or may not do something on Sunday with Edmund, depending on … him.

Cool air, calm calendars.  Ahhhh.

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