Four Points of Trivia

A few things:

  1. I have, yet again, revised my postings on “Project 810” and “On Relationships”  — this time, in light of some superlative IM conversations I’ve had this week.  The discussions prompted me to revisit some things I haven’t thought about recently, a process that proved quite helpful.
  2. I’ve added a few more photos to the gallery, with images taken at Tracy’s birthday party a few weeks ago.  Good times!
  3. My plan to run after karate yesterday was thwarted by my own error — hard to run when you failed to pack the right apparel in the gym bag in the morning.  That said, I’m pleasantly surprised with how much of my karate stuff I retained despite my summer-long absence; I’ve done better this week with kyu kumite than I did in mid-May!
  4. Had a pleasant evening yesterday.  I had planned to meet my friend Charlie for a nightcap at The Apartment, but the venue was chock-full of people, so we bounced to Diversions.  Little did we know that there was a major gay porn star (Roman Heart of Falcon Studios, apparently) signing autographs at Diversions that night, so the place was surprisingly hopping.  We had a good time, and I ran into a fairly intoxicated Edmund, which was interesting.

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